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Chromolith HPLC Columns
Chromolith monolithic HPLC columns allow mobile phase to rapidly pass through the columns resulting in fast separations

Chromolith HPLC Columns

Monolithic Columns

Chromolith columns are based on metal-free silica so existing methods can be easily transferred with only minimal investment in new method development work. Chromolith monolithic silica format allow rapid transit of eluent and high separation efficiencies.

We recommend Onyx as a cost effective alternative to Chromolith columns.

Chromolith HPLC columns

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done RP-18e

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donehighlight_off 130

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donehighlight_off 100

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donehighlight_off 4.6


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Part No.: CH0-7176
Chromolith Performance RP-18e, LC Column 100 x 4.6 mm, Ea
Price:   $1,612.00 (Ea)
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CH0-7176RP-18e 130 100 0 4.6
$1,612.00 (Ea)