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Product Information
Phase Detail
Phenex Glass Fiber Prefilter + NY (GF/NY) Syringe Filters
Phenex Glass Fiber Prefilter + NY (GF/NY) Syringe Filters are a great choice for particle-laden samples

Phenex Glass Fiber Prefilter + NY (GF/NY) Syringe Filters

Excellent for Filtration of Particle-Laden Samples

Nylon (NY) has inherent hydrophilic characteristics and works well for filtration of many aqueous and mixed-organic samples. This membrane incorporates an integrated glass pre-filter. Phenex-GF/NY membranes are excellent for the filtration of particle-laden samples, such as foods and beverages, environmental, biofuels, and dissolution samples.

For applications that require low protein or non-specific binding characteristics, Phenomenex recommends Phenex-RC (Regenerated Cellulose) filters.


Best Recommended for the Environmental and Food & Beverage Industries

Water, wastewater, soil and sludge, and pollution control samples are especially challenging. No matter the sample type, Phenex offers filtration products to meet your demanding requirements.
Recommended Filter: GF/NY
First Alternative: RC

Food and Beverage
Food safety is more important than ever and lower detection limits are making analysis even more challenging. Accurate and reliable testing is critical and Phenex filters are routinely used in preparation for analysis of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, flavors, and fragrances. For samples with large amounts of particulate and/or large fibrous matter, use a glass fiber prefilter.
Recommended Filter: GF/NY
First Alternative: RC


Application / Sample* Recommended Filter** First Alternative
High Particulate Loads GF/NY GF + RC
Dissolution Testing GF/NY RC