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Product Information
Phase Detail
Strata Activated Carbon<br class="t-last-br" />

Strata Activated Carbon

Reproducible and cost-efficient extraction of high polar analytes from aqueous matrices

Strata Activated Carbon is a high surface area fully porous sorbent that offers a better retention of polar compounds compared to C8 and C18 silica products.

  • Designed and manufactured from high quality chromatography-grade porous carbon
  • Improved recovery when working with high polar analytes from aqueous matrices
  • Suitable for EPA method 521, 522, and 8270
  • Suitable for extraction of 1-4 dioxane, nitrosamines, melamine, acrylamide

Separation Mode
Recommended Use

Available Formats

Strata Activated Carbon Tube
2 g / 6 mL

Strata Activated Carbon
400 mg / Pass through

Steps in Polar Analytes Extraction using Strata Activated Carbon

A: 2x 10 mL Methylene Chloride
B: 2x 10 mL Methanol
2x 10 mL Water
500 mL water sample spiked with internal standard
Dry for 10 min
3x 3 mL Methylene Chloride
Remove Moisture:
Pass the elute through Methylene Chloride prewetted Strata Sodium Sulfate Giga™ tubes,
5 g/20 mL (Part No. 8B-S124-LEG) and wash with 5 mL Methylene Chloride
Evaporate solvent under nitrogen to required volume and reconstitute
with Methylene Chloride