New Kinetex Biphenyl!
Selectivity that a C18 just can't give you!

Enhanced Separation

Kinetex Biphenyl can take you where traditional C18’s can’t. With a smart combination of hydrophobic, aromatic, and polar selectivity, it offers extra separation power for any reversed phase method.

 What doors will you unlock with this new chromatography key?

Polar Therapeutic Drug

Kinetex Biphneyl Enhanced Separation

High Performance

Kinetex Biphenyl offers the HPLC/UHPLC performance benefits of a core-shell particle with a unique stationary phase that will become your go-to selectivity for reversed phase method development.

  Isn’t it time you got enhanced retention, high sensitivity, increased efficiencies, and overall better results?


Kinetex Biphenyl High Performance Kinetex Biphneyl High Performance Comparison

Reliable Productivity

Ensure dependability within your high throughput methods and comprehensive screens with the ruggedness and reliability of Kinetex Biphenyl.

 Are you ready to feel at ease?

Therapeutic Drug Screen – First 1000 Injections

Kinetex Biphenyl Reliable Productivity

Aqueous Stable

While water may be hard for a C18 to handle, the Kinetex Biphenyl allows you to dive straight into the deep end with 100 % aqueous stability.

 Which of your compounds is just waiting to get wet?

Amphetamine – Initial Injection

Kinetex Biphenyl Aqueous Stable

Amphetamine – Final Injection

Kinetex Biphneyl Aqueous Stable Comparison

Your Next LC Column

With incredible core-shell and selectivity benefits, the Kinetex Biphenyl was truly designed to be your new go-to reversed phase column.

Now your transformed HPLC/UHPLC applications are just a click away.

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