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New Technology Provides Rapid Isolation of Therapeutic Oligonucleotides from Biological Matrices

Torrance, CA (March 30, 2010) – Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the manufacture of separation science consumables, introduces the Clarity® OTX™ Extraction Kit – an advanced approach to the isolation of RNA and DNA-based therapeutics and their metabolites from biological matrices. Clarity OTX effectively extracts these oligos from serum, plasma and tissue samples for downstream LC/MS bioanalysis. Specially designed to meet the sample preparation requirements of ADME/pharmacokinetics studies, Clarity OTX kit-based solutions combine a novel solid phase extraction (SPE) sorbent with specially formulated buffers to quickly deliver high recovery of all types of oligo therapeutics.

Unlike current oligonucleotide therapeutic isolation techniques that use labor-intensive, low-throughput liquid/liquid extraction methods, Clarity OTX isolates oligonucleotide therapeutics and their metabolites in just 15 minutes. Clarity OTX extraction kits effectively remove cell debris that can mask the oligo therapeutic or metabolite of interest and interfere with low-level MS detection.

The new solution, with a simple, four-step protocol, is available in a starter kit for low sample volume or to test the extraction method before scaling up, and in 96-well plate format, which enables automation and parallel processing for high-throughput environments.

“ADME/pharmacokinetic studies in the field of oligonucleotide therapeutics are growing rapidly and so is the need for fast, effective extraction of synthetic DNA and RNA from biological matrices,” said Cathy Cordova, marketing manager for Phenomenex. “We are pleased to be the first to commercialize a high-throughput isolation solution for both fluids and tissues that is tailored for LC/MS bioanalysis.”

The new extraction kits are the latest new product in the Clarity BioSolutions portfolio for synthetic oligonucleotide purification and characterization. Phenomenex maintains a dedicated team of R&D, marketing, sales and service experts to support its Clarity BioSolutions product line as well as provide technical support and education to scientists working with synthetic RNA and DNA.

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