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Phenomenex Adds Polar Mixed-Mode Selectivities to Luna LC Column Line

Torrance, Calif. (October 25, 2016) – Phenomenex Inc., global leader in the research, design and manufacture of advanced technologies for the separation sciences, introduces new mixed-mode selectivities and particle sizes for UHPLC, HPLC and preparative work in the Luna column family. The first is the new Luna Omega Polar C18 stationary phase – a unique selectivity on an innovative silica particle that delivers a wide elution window and combined high retention for polar and nonpolar analytes. This new phase is 100 percent aqueous-stable due to a polar-modified surface, providing flexibility in solvent and gradient system selection needed to achieve desired polar/non polar analyte separation. The Luna Omega Polar C18 is offered in a high-performance 1.6µm particle for UHPLC instruments as well as a low-pressure 5µm particle for direct scalability to analytical HPLC or preparative work. The 5µm particle is available in Phenomenex’s patented Axia-packed preparative columns.

Phenomenex is also introducing the 100 percent aqueous-stable Luna Omega PS C18 that delivers two distinct separation mechanisms at the same time. The particle surface of the PS C18 contains a positive charge that facilitates greater acidic compound retention through ionic interaction, while the C18 ligand delivers general reversed-phase retention. This mixed-mode selectivity is a valuable tool for greater separation between mixtures of compounds that have varying functional groups, such as peptides, pesticides or metabolite profiles. Additionally, the positive surface charge encourages excellent basic compound peak shape through the ionic repulsion of these compound species.

Luna Omega columns are well suited for a wide range of applications including drug discovery and development, food contaminant analysis, environmental testing, toxicology and clinical research.

"Our Luna HPLC brand is one of the most recognized in the global chromatography industry, with a 20-year track record,"" commented Simon Lomas, strategic marketing manager for Phenomenex. "The recent expansion of this column family with novel Luna Omega silica particle technology and mixed-mode polar stationary phases has enabled us to bring the Luna legacy to the UHPLC world."

Phenomenex Kinetex® Core-Shell Technology and Luna Omega columns together provide an ideal complementary UHPLC solution for greater efficiency and separation power. With a growing range of valuable selectivities, this pairing of core-shell and fully porous UHPLC products affords customers a better choice for immediate gains in productivity, resolution and retention. Combining the Luna Omega Polar C18 with the previously released fully porous Luna Omega 1.6µm C18 and Kinetex 1.7µm core-shell phases further expands the options for UHPLC method development and improvement.

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