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Product Information
β-Gone β-Glucuronidase Removal
Beta-Gone β-glucuronidase removal sample prep products are available in 96-well plates and 1mL tubes and allow for rapid removal of β-glucuronidase from urine in under a minute
SPE Background

β-Gone β-Glucuronidase Removal

Now with In-Well Hydrolysis Capabilities!

β-Gone β-Glucuronidase Removal 96-well plates and tubes are designed to target and remove β-glucuronidase from hydrolyzed urine samples without requiring additional time or method development. The clean-up method takes less than a minute and provides high recoveries for large panels of analytes!

With new β-Gone Plus, perform the pre-treatment step inside the well to save on transfer steps and collection plates.

Cleanup Hydrolyzed Urine in Under 1 minute with Beta-Gone
Beta-Gone Beta Glucoronidase 96-Well Plates and Tubes

Beta-Gone Documents

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