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Product Information
Phase Detail
Biozen dSEC-7
Biozen dSEC-7 columns are designed for aggregate analysis of AAVs and large biomolecules. Achieve baseline resolution and reduce method times with our optimized column dimensions.

Biozen dSEC-7

AAV and Large Biomolecule Aggregate Analysis​

Biozen dSEC-7 columns are packed with 700 Å large pore silica coupled with a proprietary hydrophilic diol-type bonded surface chemistry that ensures silica surface interactions are mitigated. Designed with optimized column dimensions, dSEC-7 conserves valuable sample consumption, facilitates faster run times, and maximizes resolution for AAVs and large biomolecule separations.

Robust and reliable aggregate analysis:

  • Baseline resolution of monomer/aggregate species through 700 Å pore size
  • Reduction in sample consumption by up to 90 % compared to traditional SEC columns
  • Reduction in method times by up to 50 % when compared to traditional SEC columns

Separation Mode
Gel Filtration Chromatography (GFC)
Pore Size
Recommended Use
Aggregate analysis of AAVs and other large biomolecules using specific molecular weights that conserves sample consumption, facilitates faster run times, and maximizes resolution.

An SEC Column for AAV Aggregate Analysis

Hydrophilic Diol-Type Surface Chemistry

Biozen dSEC-7 Diagram

Biozen dSEC-7 columns are packed with large pore silica coupled with a proprietary hydrophilic diol-type bonded surface chemistry that ensures silica surface interactions are mitigated.

Optimized Loading Capabilities

Application ID 27576

Biozen dSEC-7 offers optimized column dimensions to provide improved resolution and reproducibility at lower sample loads to reduce sample consumption.

Biozen dSEC-7 Features

Biozen Improved Loading Icon

Improved Loading

dSEC-7 addresses the challenge of aggregate analysis by offering accurate detection and separation with injections as low as 0.5 µL. Unlike traditional methods that demand large sample volumes, dSEC-7 conserves valuable samples, allowing for replicate analyses and ensuring availability for other CQA tests.

Biozen Mobile Phase Icon 

Mobile Phase Flexibility

dSEC-7’s particle properties facilitate robust separation of monomer from aggregate species, regardless of which mobile phase best suits your sample. This ensures reproducible results while accommodating unique sample demands, easing the burden of method condition optimization during development.

Biozen Serotype Icon 

Serotype Versatility

With its robust performance and 700 Å pore size, dSEC-7 effectively resolves monomer from aggregate peaks across various AAV serotypes. This capability is crucial for evaluating appropriate serotype candidates, each varying in its unique tissue and cell tropisms, to ensure desired therapeutic outcomes are achieved.

Biozen Instrument Icon 

Instrument Agnostic Performance

Despite differences in dwell volume and dispersion across various sites and departments, dSEC-7 consistently delivers robust and reproducible performance across commercially available LC instrumentation. This ensures reliable results regardless of variations in equipment, setup, or location.

biozen trending  solutions icon 

Outperforms Trending Solutions

dSEC-7 excels in providing superior resolution over market alternatives, particularly when characterizing higher-level aggregates in AAV analysis. Unlike current market solutions with insufficient particle pore size, dSEC-7 ensures accurate and reproducible separation of AAV monomer from aggregates.

Biozen Detector Flexibility 

Enhanced Detector Flexibility

Conquer sample limitations using SEC-FLR for heightened sensitivity, SEC-MALS for precise molecular weight determination, or SEC-UV for routine analysis. Achieving comprehensive AAV characterization insights by transferring methods across detector technologies with unique benefits is now seamless.

Biozen dSEC-7 Method Development Webinar

Overcoming Challenges with AAV Aggregate Analysis Using a Novel Size Exclusion Particle

Key Learning Objectives:
  • Best practices for maximizing AAV aggregation separation​
  • How to improve throughput and reduce AAV sample consumption​​
  • Impact of optimizing particle chemistry, pore size and hardware for AAV analysis​​