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Product Information
Phase Detail
Claricep Spherical AQ C18
Claricep spherical AQ C18 flash columns provide significant performance over traditional irregular flash columns on the market

Claricep Spherical AQ C18

  • Greater polar retention under reversed phase
  • Applicable for both hydrophilic and hydrophobic compounds
  • Useful for mixtures of compounds with varying polarities

Good Separation

The CLARICEP Spherical AQ C18 column is a hydrophilic C18 reversed phase for the flash chromatography applications. It offers good separation performance for hydrophilic to hydrophobic compounds: polar, semi-polar, and non-polar.

Flash Conditions

Claricep Spherical AQ C18 ( 20-35 μm, 100 Å)
Mobile Phase:
Methanol/ Water/Formic Acid
Flow Rate:
26 mL/min
UV @ 231/214 nm
Iridoids Compounds

Sample Separation: Purification of Taxol with AQ C18

The sample is an extract of Chinese yew. The target is taxol. Dissolve 1 g of sample in 20 mL methanol and filter to give a solution with a Taxol concentration of 50 mg/mL.Concentrate the solution by evaporation rotating at 40°C, centrifuge and dissolve the supernatant into methanol, to give a final volume of 11 mL. Filter and load onto the column.

Flash Conditions

Claricep Spherical AQ C18 (20-35 μm, 100 Å, 120 g)
Part No.:
Mobile Phase:
A: Water B: Methanol
Time (min)
% B
Flow Rate:
83 mL/min
UV @ 230/54 nm
Sample Loading:
A: Water B: Methanol

CLARICEP Spherical AQ C18 Screw-on Columns

The Screw-on series of Flash columns are a new feature that allows the user to load a solid phase, viscous phase, or simply open the cap for a more user friendly analysis.

Which Screw-on Series should I order ?


The i-Series features a managed column head space with a secured screw-on lid. This new design allows either loading of liquid samples directly onto the column head or loading of impregnated solid sample directly into the space. Users will benefit from:

  • Choice of loading method based on sample properties
  • Narrow band for liquid samples because of wide loading area
  • Dry-loading of solid impregnated samples minimizes band broadening
  • Customized loading method upon user preference

Ordering Information
Part Number starts with “SN”. As an example, to order SQ230120-0 in i-series, Part Number to order is SN-SQ230120-0


The c-Series shares the same design, but the column outlet does not have a luer lock structure, this simplifies tubing connection across various flash systems.

Compatible with instruments from the following:
  • Agela Technologies
  • Buchi
  • Grace
  • Interchim
  • Other brands

Ordering Information
Part Number starts with “C”. As an example, to order SQ230120-0 in c-series, Part Number to order is C-SQ230120-0


The s-Series columns are fully packed without a head void. In addition, the Luer lock fittings for both inlet and outlet allows easy operation of tandem columns or the coupling of a loading cartridge.

Compatible with instruments from the following:
  • Biotage

Ordering Information
Part Number starts with “S”. As an example, to order SQ230120-0 in s-series, Part Number to order is S-SQ230120-0