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Product Information
GC Septa
Low bleed, temperature stable (250 -300 °C) GC silicone rubber septa

GC Septa

Silicone Rubber Septa


  • Low bleed design
  • conditioned for high sensitivity
  • Durometer rating of 50 (typical life = 150 punctures)
  • Available with GuideRight
  • Rated to 400 °C


  • Long lifetime
  • Available with GuideRight
  • Rated to 400 °C


  • Low bleed
  • Durometer rating of 50-60 (100 injections minimum at 300 °C)
  • Rated to 300 °C


  • General purpose silicone rubber septum
  • Durometer rating of 40-45 (typical life = 100 injections)
  • Rated to 250 °C

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