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Hypercarb HPLC Columns
Hypercab HPLC columns are graphite based HPLC columns manufactured by Thermo Scientific

Hypercarb HPLC Columns

Graphitized Carbon Columns

Manufactured by Thermo Scientific, Hypercarb can be used to separate mixtures of polar and non-polar compounds.

Hypercarb Columns Manufactured by Thermo Fisher

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7, 5
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Internal Diameter (mm)

donehighlight_off 4.6

Length (mm)

donehighlight_off 100

Particle Size (µm)

donehighlight_off 5

donehighlight_off 7

Pore Size (Å)

donehighlight_off 250

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Part No.: CH0-3301

Hypercarb 5 µm Carbon 250 Å, LC Column 100 x 4.6 mm, Ea

$2,225.00 (Ea)
Part No.: CH0-3305

Hypercarb 7 µm Carbon 250 Å, LC Column 100 x 4.6 mm, Ea

$2,225.00 (Ea)