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Product Information
Phase Detail
Kinetex Core-Shell Shell C8 HPLC Columns
Kinetex core-shell C8 columns offer increased efficiencies over traditionally porous C8 LC columns on HPLC/UHPLC systems

Kinetex Core-Shell Shell C8 HPLC Columns

Hydrophilic Polar Selectivity and Performance!

The Kinetex C8 is a core-shell based particle with a bonded silica phase ideal for analysis of very hydrophobic compounds. This versatile column can easily upgrade existing fully porous 5 µm and 3 µm methods to shorten run time, increase sensitivity, and even provide greater resolution with much higher efficiency levels.

  • Compatible with All Analytical HPLC/UHPLC Systems*
  • Balancing Performance & Retention
  • 100 % aqueous Mobile Phases Stable
  • USP:L7

*Kinetex analytical columns are compatible with all LC system with standard LC column end-fittings threaded in 10-32. Please contact us at for any questions and information about fitting compatibility and any other column internal diameters.

Carbon Load
10.0, 8 (effective)
Surface Area (m²/g)
Particle Size
1.7, 2.6, 5
Recommended Use
Minimized hydrophobic retention for highly hydrophobic compounds

Balancing Speed and Retention

The Kinetex core-shell C8 provides the same Kinetex performance but with a little less hydrophobic retention in comparison to the Kinetex C18 column. This C8 is ideal for extremely hydrophobic compounds that might be too strongly retained on a traditional C18 phase column.