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Product Information
Phase Detail
Kinetex Phenyl-Hexyl Core-Shell Column
Phenyl Hexyl Column - Kinetex Phenyl Hexyl Core-shell HPLC columns provide balanced hydrophobic and aromatic selectivity with Kinetex Core-Shell technology. Order Now!

Kinetex Phenyl-Hexyl Core-Shell Column

Kinetex Phenyl Hexyl Column - Performance and Balanced Selectivity

The Kinetex Phenyl-Hexyl column combines the performance gains of the Kinetex Core-Shell technology with balanced hydrophobic and aromatic selectivity.

  • Compatible with All Analytical HPLC/UHPLC Systems*
  • Balanced Hydrophobic and Aromatic Selectivity
  • Available in Three Particle Sizes
  • USP:L11

*Kinetex analytical columns are compatible with all LC system with standard LC column end-fittings threaded in 10-32. Please contact us for any questions and information about fitting compatibility and any other column internal diameters.

Carbon Load
Particle Size
1.7, 2.6, 5
Recommended Use
Allows for greater retention and separation of aromatic hydrocarbons

Diverse Selectivity For Closely Related Compounds

Aromatic and moderate hydrophobic selectivity result in the great retention and separation of aromatic hydrocarbons.

Kinetex-phenyl-hexyl chart


Phenyl Selectivity with Balanced Hydrophobic Retention

Retain and separate a wide class of compounds with the unique and balanced selectivity of the Kinetex Phenyl-hexyl. The phenyl-hexyl column consistently provides reproducible and transient interactions that increase polar selectivity and deliver good chromatographic peak shape.

Kinetex 2.6 µm Phenyl-Hexyl
50 x 4.6 mm
Mobile Phase:
Time (min)
% B
Flow Rate:
1.85 mL/min
UV @ 220 nm
1. Estriol
2. Hydrocortisone
3. Prednisone
4. Corticosterone
5. beta-Estradiol
6. Cortisone acetate
7. alpha-Estradiol
8. 21-Hydroxyprogesterone
9. Estrone
10. Progesterone
11. Deoxycorticosterone