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Product Information
Phase Detail
Luna CN HPLC Columns

Luna CN HPLC Columns

The Luna brand of columns and media is more than just a product line from Phenomenex. It is a pledge to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction for your chromatographic goals. The Luna CN has Nitrile groups bound to the silica surface which offer a unique polar selectivity under reversed phase or normal phase conditions.

  • Extensive line of rugged particle sizes
  • Easy method scalability from HPLC to preparative and bulk purification LC
  • CN Ultra pure, metal-free silica (99.99% purity) (USP:L10)

Carbon Load
Surface Area (m²/g)
Particle Size
3, 5, 10
Recommended Use
HILIC or normal phase separation of extremely polar compounds or when a cyano phased or L10

Long Column Lifetimes and Excellent Performance

Ultra-pure, metal-free silica (99.99 % purity) is the back bone of all Luna material. The resulting high quality particles have a surface smoothness, pore structure, and pore consistency to ensure a more uniform particle shape and greater reproducibility.

Superior Particle Smoothness

Waters® Symmetry®
Agilent Technologies® ZORBAX®
Agilent Technologies® ZORBAX®
Waters® Symmetry®
Phenomenex Luna
Phenomenex Luna

Proven Reproducibility

For carboxyl‚ carbonyl‚ and amine containing compounds‚ Luna CN columns offer a unique polar selectivity in reversed phase and normal phase modes. Luna CN columns provide sharp peaks and great reproducibility run-to-run‚ column-to-column and batch-tobatch. State of the art modification of the silca surface ensures improved resistance to bonded phase hydrolysis providing one of the most stable CN phases on the market. The result:
  • Excellent polar selectivity
  • Improved peak shapes
  • One of the most stable CN columns under reversed phase or normal phase conditions
  • pH stable from 1.5 to 7.0

Phthalate Esters

App ID: 12958

Luna 5 μm CN
150 x 4.6 mm
Part No.:
Mobile Phase:
A: Hexane
B: Methylene chloride/Methanol
(80:20)‚ A/B (99:1)
Time (min)
Flow Rate:
1.0 mL/min
UV @ 254 nm
1. Di-n-octyl phthalate
2. Bis (2-Ethylhexyl) phthalate
3. Butylbenzyl phthalate
4. Di-n-butyl phthalate
5. Diethyl phthalate
6. Dimethyl phthalate