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Product Information
Phase Detail
Luna Polar Pesticides
The unique selectivity of the Luna™ Polar Pesticides HPLC column delivers fast and robust analysis of underivatized polar pesticides. Explore the method-recommended HPLC column with fast column conditioning, excellent analyte retention, versatile selectivity, and great peak symmetry.

Luna Polar Pesticides

Featured in the updated version of the QuPPE method for Anionic and Cationic Pesticides Analysis

Luna Polar Pesticides HPLC column is featured in the QuPPe-PO version 12.2, published by the European Reference Laboratory for Single Residue Methods (EURL-SRM). The update from December 2023, includes two new measurement methods (M1.11 and M1.12) both on Phenomenex Luna Polar Pesticides.

The Luna Polar Pesticides HPLC column does not require passivation. The column unique and enhanced selectivity allows optimal retention of anionic pesticides. Luna Polar Pesticides has proven to deliver robust analysis of underivatized polar pesticides from food and environmental matrices.

Column Key Features

  • Anionic and cationic pesticides analysis on a single column
  • Robust Analysis
  • Fast equilibration
  • Excellent retention
  • Versatile selectivity

What customers are saying about Luna Polar Pesticides HPLC

“The Luna Polar Pesticides LC column significantly reduced analysis time thanks to its fast re-equilibration! This column has improved our polar pesticides analyses.”

— Dr Giacomo Napolitano, PhD - Lab Manager - Lifeanalytics S.r.l.



Carbon Load
Recommended Use
Underivatized anionic and cationic pesticides in food and environmental matrices

Unique Selectivity for Anionic and Cationic Pesticides Analysis on a Single Column

The unique phase of Luna™ Polar Pesticides HPLC column helps achieve retention of underivatized anionic and cationic pesticides. High sample loading is possible due to fully porous particle. The 8% carbon load creates the perfect balance of polar and non-polar retention, while the surface area of 380 m2/g delivers improved analyte interaction with the stationary phase to result in overall fast and robust analysis. The column offers 100% stability with aqueous and organic matrices.

Underivatized Pesticides Analysis


LC conditions and data in Technical Note


LC conditions, complete data, and more information in brochure

Obtain Better Sensitivity by adding SecurityGuard™ ULTRA

The SecurityGuard ULTRA system effectively traps contaminants and particulates increasing the column lifetime and enhancing performance.

SecurityGuard ULTRA Features and Benefits

  • Low dead volume prevents sensitivity loss
  • Maintains analyses’ high-performance results
  • Minimizes costs and column waste
  • Easy to install, remove, and replace

Without SecurityGuard ULTRA
With SecurityGuard ULTRA

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