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Product Information
Phase Detail
Luna SCX HPLC Columns
Unlock precision in chromatography with Phenomenex's SCX Column. Elevate HPLC performance & enhance your research outcomes with Luna SCX HPLC Columns series.

Luna SCX HPLC Columns

The Luna brand of SCX columns and media is more than just a product line from Phenomenex. It is a pledge to provide you with the highest level of satisfaction for your chromatographic goals. The Luna SCX is a high performance silica phase with a benzene sulfonic acid bonded phase used for Strong Cation Exchange (SCX) chromatography.

Key Features of the SCX Column

  • Extensive line of rugged particle sizes.
  • Easy method scalability from HPLC to preparative and bulk purification LC
  • Ultra-pure, metal-free silica (99.99% purity)

Carbon Load
0.55 % Sulfur Load
Surface Area (m²/g)
Particle Size
5, 10
Recommended Use
Strong cation exchange for positively charged compounds

Long Column Lifetimes and Excellent Performance

Ultra-pure, metal-free silica (99.99% purity) is the backbone of all Luna material. The resulting high quality particles have a surface smoothness, pore structure, and pore consistency to ensure a more uniform particle shape and greater reproducibility.

Superior Particle Smoothness

Waters® Symmetry®
Agilent Technologies® ZORBAX® 5 µm SB-C18
Agilent Technologies® ZORBAX®
Waters® Symmetry® 5 µm C18
Phenomenex Luna
Phenomenex Luna 5 µm SB-C18

Develop Robust Methods

Luna SCX columns provide excellent resolution and peak shape of basic‚ cationic compounds. Luna SCX columns contain a benzene sulfonic acid ligand providing ion-exchange‚ reversed phase‚ and aromatic interactions.

Children’s Tylenol Cold Syrup

Conditions for all columns:

Luna 5 μm SCX
150 x 4.6  mm
Part No.:
Mobile Phase:
50 mM KH2PO4, pH 2.5 / Acetonitrile (35:65)
Flow Rate:
1.5 mL/min
Ambient °C
UV @ 210 nm
Sample Prep:
Dissolve 1 part Children’s Tylenol Cold Syrup in 10 parts Methanol
1. Acetaminophen
2. Pseudoephedrine
3. Dextromethorphan
4. Chlorpheniramine