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Product Information
Phase Detail
Luna Omega SUGAR HPLC Column<br class="t-last-br" /> <br class="t-last-br" />
Luna Omega Sugar Columns provide high selectivity for organic acids and carbohydrates

Luna Omega SUGAR HPLC Column

Luna Omega SUGAR breaks ground as it combines the performance benefits of thermally modified fully porous particles with a novel HILIC stationary phase that excels at polar compound retention and selectivity.

  • Improved carbohydrate retention and separation with multifunctional selectivity that contains amide/amino stationary phase and polar endcapping
  • Enhanced lifetime with highly robust and efficient thermally modified fully porous particle
  • QC tested for sugars to ensure reliable quality

Particle Size
Recommended Use
Polyamide/amine phase for reversed phase and HILIC mode for the separation of polyols/sugars

Exceptional Retention and Separation

Luna Omega SUGAR greatly improves upon the retention and separation capabilities of traditional fully porous, core-shell, and hybrid materials, while also allowing for greater peak response! All this while also ensuring that customers do not need to depend on buffers or ion‑pair agents to get adequate separation at the cost of losing signal.

Comparative separations may not be representative of all applications.
Conditions for all columns:

Luna Omega 3 μm SUGAR
Fully Porous 3 μm NH2
Hybrid Fully Porous 3.5 μm Amide
150 x 4.6 mm
Mobile Phase:
Acetonitrile/Water (75:25)
Flow Rate:
1 mL/min
25 °C
1. Fructose
2. Glucose
3. Galactose
4. Sucrose
5. Maltose
6. Lactose