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Nucleodex Chiral Columns
Nucleodex cyclodextin modified HPLC columns for chiral LC separations

Nucleodex Chiral Columns

Native ß-cyclodextrin and Permethylated-ß-cyclodextrin Columns

Cyclodextrin-modified silica phases for HPLC enantiomer separation

See Lux Chiral HPLC column portfolio for additional polysaccharide phase selectivities and availability

Nucelodex  Chiral LC Columns
Beta cyclodextrin phase

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Part No.: CH0-3027
Nucleodex 5 µm Beta-PM 100 Å, LC Column 200 x 4 mm, Ea
Price:   $1,791.00 (Ea)
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CH0-3027Beta-PM 100 200 5 4
$1,791.00 (Ea)