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Lux Chiral HPLC Columns

Product Information
One of the World’s Leading Polysaccharide Columns for Chiral Separation
Explore versatile Lux Chiral HPLC Columns for robust, efficient, and flexible chiral separations. Switch to the Lux series for guaranteed quality alternatives!

One of the World’s Leading Polysaccharide Columns for Chiral Separation

The Lux family of amylose and cellulose chiral selectors provides a variety of complementary selectivities that allows you to screen for the most effective enantiomeric separation under reversed phase, polar organic, normal phase, and SFC conditions.

Why choose Lux Chiral Columns

  • Lux is Versatile: Stable in normal phase, polar organic, SFC, and reversed phase conditions
  • Lux is Robust: Pressure stable up to 300 bar
  • Lux is Efficient: High efficiency and loading capacity
  • Lux is Flexible: 3 μm and 5 μm packed columns

Lux Polysaccharide Chiral Columns

Simplified Chiral HPLC/SFC Column Screening Strategies

Lux immobilized chiral stationary phases provide complementary but distinct enantioselectivity for a wide range of chirality. In addition, the immobilization process allows for the use of a wide range of mobile phases and strong solvents compatibility.



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