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Phenex Glass Fiber Syringe Filters
Phenex glass fiber syringe filters are great for highly viscous samples

Phenex Glass Fiber Syringe Filters

The Optimal Choice for Highly Viscous Samples

Phenex-GF (Glass Fiber) filters are made of inert borosilicate glass and have a nominal 1.2 μm pore size. They are commonly used with highly viscous samples or samples that contain high concentrations of particulate matter (e.g., food analysis, biological samples, soil samples, fermentation broth samples, removal of yeasts, molds, etc.).

Glass Fiber filters can be used alone or in series with other Phenex filter membranes such as the 0.45 μm pore Phenex-RC filter syringe filers to reduce clogging of the membrane and optimize flow.


Prefiltration of heavily contaminated or highly viscous samples. When used in-line preceding a membrane filter, clogging of the membrane filter is prevented and sample clean up is optimized. Outlet connection is luer lock.
Application / Sample* Recommended Filter** First Alternative
High Particulate Loads GF/NY GF + RC

* Removal of high particulate matter with a glass fiber prefilter is critical before any drug, tox, or dirty environmental sample is filtered to ensure the highest syringe filter membrane performance.
** For high load and particulate-laden samples you may consider placing a Glass Fiber (GF) prefilter, either integrated with the membrane as one unit (Phenex- GF/NY or -GF/CA) or in series with the membrane syringe filter of your choice. Generally, 0.45 μm porosity filters are used to remove particulates from samples and mobile phase solutions. For sterile-filtration, a 0.20 μm porosity filter can be used.