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SecurityCAP LC Solvent Safety

Product Information
SecurityCAP solvent waste caps and exhaust filters ensure lab air quality by capturing dust, particulates, and other air borne contaminants

The SecurityCAP mobile phase and solvent waste safety caps prevent dangerous vapors and gases from leaving HPLC/UHPLC solvent reservoirs. Over time, these chemicals can have a negative impact on the health of all employees and visitors in the lab. The SecurityCAP also protects HPLC/UHPLC results by preventing airborne particulates and contaminants from entering the solvent bottle, causing irreproducible results, bacterial growth and ghost peaks. When lab safety and dependable results are a priority, you need SecurityCAPs!

  • Safer laboratory work environment
  • Protects HPLC/UHPLC results
  • Easy to use
  • Confidence during quality and safety audits

SecurityCap LC Solvent Safety

SecurityCAP LC Solvent Protection and Installation

Mobile Phase Safety Filter and Cap

The SecurityCAP mobile phase safety filters prevent hazardous solvent vapors and gases from leaving the solvent reservoir and negatively impacting the health of laboratory workers and visitors. The integrated filter membrane captures dust and other contaminants in the air and prevents them from entering the solvent container and causing potential solvent contamination or bacterial growth, which could negatively impact both your chromatography and HPLC/UHPLC system.

Solvent Waste Protection

Waste Exhaust Filter and Cap

Dispose of solvent waste safely and ensure good lab air quality with SecurityCAP exhaust filters and cap. Feel confident that volatile vapors from solvent waste containers are being captured safely, beyondfume cupboards or hoods.

Consistent Mobile Phase pH

Prevent Unwanted Changes in Mobile Phase pH

As every chromatographer knows, the pH of the mobile phase can have dramatic effects on selectivity, retention, peak
shape, resolution, and reproducibility of HPLC/UHPLC analysis. Because slight variations in pH can have a dramatic impact on the separation, careful mobile phase preparation and protection are essential.

When compared to other mobile phase solvent tops, SecurityCAP offers the superior solution to ensure the mobile phase pH will stay constant during use. This ensures reliable solvent/eluent conditions for results you can trust!

*Cost calculations using $50 (USD) for 1 L of methanol

Reduce Cost

Avoid Solvent Evaporation

The annual usage of HPLC and UHPLC grade solvents are a large contributor to laboratory costs for chromatography analysis. Unsecured solvent bottle tops/caps can lead to evaporation and solvent loss. Besides the added cost implications of lost solvent, solvent evaporation also creates air quality health hazards for laboratory staff and visitors.

SecurityCAP saves expensive solvents by limiting evaporation and offers air quality protection from insufficient sealed tops/caps. Based on your labs total solvent usage, the potential financial gains and air quality improvement of incorporating SecurityCAP products can be significant.

Easy Installation

Mobile Phase Safety Cap and Filter

Insert the solvent tube through the
fitting, and then through the SecurityCAP

Screw the mobile phase safety filter
into a free port of the SecurityCAP

Affix the timestrip® to the mobile phase
safety filter and press the activation button

Waste Safety Cap and Filter

Insert the solvent tube through the
fitting, and then through the SecurityCAP

Screw the exhaust filter into a free
port of the SecurityCAP

Firmly press the activation button
of the timestrip indicator