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SGE GC Accessories
HPLC syringes for Valco, Rheodyne , and Waters syringe sample loading valves

SGE GC Accessories

SGE manufactures a wide range of HPLC syringes for Rheodyne, Valco and Waters syringe-loading sample valves. The syringes are fitted with a special dome-tipped removable needle to prevent needle seal damage in the valve and are of a specific length to avoid rotor damage. A low cost of 10 µL syringe, with fixed needle and replaceable plunger, is available for all valves.

SGE Syringes for HPLC

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Part No.: 008631

SGE Syringe CTC Headspace 2.5 mL, 2.5MF-CTC-EGT-HS-5.6/0.63H, Ea

$206.00 (Ea)
Part No.: 87925

Hamilton Syringe, Removable Needle, 95RN (26S/2in/2), 5.0 µL, , Ea

$129.78 (Ea)
Part No.: AS0-0016

Hamilton Manual Syringe for Agilent, Fixed Needle, 701N (26s/2in/2), 10 µL, 6/Pk

$185.40 (6/Pk)
Part No.: AS0-0022

Hamilton Syringe, Injector, Fixed Needle, 701SNR (22s/2in/3), 10 µL, Ea

$61.80 (Ea)
Part No.: AS0-0023

Hamilton Syringe, Injector, Fixed Needle, 702SNR (22s/2in/3), 25 µL, Ea

$61.80 (Ea)
Part No.: AS0-0024

Hamilton Syringe, Injector, Fixed Needle, 705SNR (22s/2in/3), 50 µL, Ea

$61.80 (Ea)
Part No.: AS0-0025

Hamilton Syringe, Injector, Fixed Needle, 710SNR (22s/2in/3), 100 µL, Ea

$61.80 (Ea)
Part No.: AS0-0026

Hamilton Syringe, Injector, Fixed Needle, 725SNR (22s/2in/3), 250 µL, Ea

$80.34 (Ea)
Part No.: AS0-0027

Hamilton Syringe, Injector, Fixed Needle, 750SNR (22s/2in/3), 500 µL, Ea

$90.64 (Ea)
Part No.: AS0-0028

Hamilton Syringe, Injector, Removable Needle, 801RNW (25s/1.97in/3), 10 µL, for Waters U6K, Ea

$139.05 (Ea)