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Product Information
Phase Detail
Strata WCX (Weak Cation Exchange) SPE Products
Strata WCX (Weak Cation Exchange) solid phase extraction sorbent (SPE) uses a carboxylic acid as a ligand

Strata WCX (Weak Cation Exchange) SPE Products

Ion-Exchange Solid Phase Exchange Sorbent

A carboxylic acid group is bonded to the surface of the silica particle, giving a weak cation-exchange selectivity.

Surface Area (m²/g)
Separation Mode
Ion Exchange
Pore Size
Particle Size
Recommended Use
Extraction of basic compounds, particularly strong bases

Available Formats


1, 3, and 6mL Tubes

Giga Tubes (12-150mL Tubes)

Starting Method

Strata Illustrated Tube

Strata WCX – Weak Cation-Exchange

1 mL Methanol
1 mL DI Water, pH 6-7
Pretreated sample, pH 6-7
Wash 1
1 mL Water, pH 6-7
Wash 2
1 mL Methanol, dry under vacuum for 2-5 min
Elute Any Base
1 mL 5% Formic Acid in Methanol
Elute Weak Bases
1 mL 5% NH4OH in Methanol

Based on 100 mg/1 mL sorbent mass. The above is a convenient starting point for SPE method development, further optimization may be required to tailor the method for your specific extraction needs.