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Product Information
Phase Detail
Synergi Polar-RP Column
Explore Synergi Polar-RP columns for HPLC. The ether-linked phenyl phase offers both pi-pi and polar interactions for polar analytes. Order Synergi Polar RP now!

Synergi Polar-RP Column

Synergi POLAR-RP is an ether linked phenyl phase offering both pi-pi and polar interactions

  • Aromatic selectivity for polar analytes: Synergi POLAR-RP Columns offer aromatic selectivity that is particularly beneficial for applications requiring detailed analysis of polar compounds, enabling precise identification and quantification. Our HPLC columns for polar compounds are designed to enhance method development and improve throughput, ensuring that your analytical results are both accurate and reproducible.
  • Unique stationary phase offering both pi-pi interactions and H-bond donation: Our HPLC columns, specially designed for polar compounds, leverage an innovative stationary phase that supports polar size-changing reverse-phase (RP) mechanisms. This hybrid approach enhances the separation capabilities for molecules of varying polarities and sizes, ensuring superior resolution and reproducibility.

Carbon Load
Surface Area (m²/g)
Particle Size
2.5, 4, 10
Recommended Use
Separation of polar, aromatic compounds