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Product Information
Phase Detail
Zebron ZB-1XT SimDist GC Columns
Zebron ZB-1XT SimDist GC column is specially made for simulated distillation

Zebron ZB-1XT SimDist GC Columns

Consistent, Reliable Results for Simulated Distillation

  • Glass Infusion™ technology for higher efficiency and greater column-to-column reproducibility
  • Individual QC testing for every column
  • Up to 70 % higher efficiency than other columns
  • Increased accuracy for high temperature simulated distillation

Want a flexible fused-silica alternative for SimDist testing? See ZB-1HT-Inferno

Recommended Use
ASTM Methods (D2887, D2887X, D3710, D6352, D7169), Crude Oil, Gasoline Fractions, Petroleum Distillates, Petroleum Fractions, Simulated Distillation, Vacuum Distillates

Recommended Use
ASTM Methods (D2887, D2887X, D3710, D6352, D7169), Crude Oil, Gasoline Fractions, Petroleum Distillates, Petroleum Fractions, Simulated Distillation, Vacuum Distillates

Agilent® Restek® SGE®
DB-HT SimDis
CP-SimDist UltiMetal
MXT®-1HT SimDist

Sharper Peak Shape and Better Efficiency through Uniform Glass Infusion™ Coating Technology

1. Sharper Peaks and Higher Efficiency:
    Glass Infusion Technology Provides     
    Uniform Coating and Minimizes
    Unwanted Activity.

2. Consistency and Reliability:
    Zebron Columns are INDIVIDUALLY
    Tested for Better Reproducibility and
    Overall Performance.

3. Higher Efficiency:
    Up to 70 % Higher Column Efficiency.

4. Long Lifetime and Better Results:
    Improved Resolution of C50/C52     
    Hour after Hour.

5. Guaranteed:
    100 % Risk-Free

Improved Recovery and Peak Shape

The Benefits of Glass Infusion™ Technology

The Zebron ZB-1XT SimDist metal columns employ a new proprietary bonding called Glass Infusion Technology. The Glass Infusion technology starts by depositing a very uniform layer of glass that completely covers the internal metal surfaces of the column. The result is a uniform coating throughout the column.

  • Uniform Glass Infusion ensures adequate covering of exposed metal to promote better recovery and peak shape.
  • Each Zebron ZB-1XT is individually tested to confirm and ensure excellent reproducibility.
  • The uniform glass coating provides a consistent foundation for stationary phase bonding, thus promoting better over-all efficiency and resolution.

  • Non-glass infused with exposed metal can cause tailing peaks and sample adsorption.
  • Some manufacturers batch test their columns, leading to poor column-to-column reproducibility.
  • These exposed surfaces result in abnormal bonding of the stationary phase which affects chromatographic performance, decreases efficiencies, and inconsistent performance between columns.

Upgrade from Tailing Peaks and Sample Adsorption

Zebron™ ZB-1XT SimDist (Glass Infused) vs. Brand X (Not Glass Infused)

GC Conditions for both columns:

Split 100:1 @ 250 ˚C, 1.0 μL
Carrier Gas:
Hydrogen @ 1.93 mL/min (constant pressure)
Oven Program:
130 ˚C (Isothermal)
FID @ 325 ˚C
1. Undecane
2. 4-Chlorophenol
3. Tridecane
4. 1-Undecanol
5. Dicyclohexylamine
6. Pentadecane

Easily Realize Resolution Gains on ASTM Methods

Check out your ZB-1XT benefits!

For Your Lab
  • Consistent Performance
  • Improved Efficiencies
  • Extended Lifetimes
  • Reduced Carryover
  • Minimum Maintenance

For your Refining Process
  • Better Process Planning
  • Better Fractionating
  • Increased Product Yields

Hydrocarbons C7-C100+ (ASTM D7169)

Zebron ZB-1XT SimDist
5 meter x 0.53 mm x 0.15 µm
Part No.:
On-Column @ 33 °C, 1 µL
Carrier Gas:
Helium @ 7 mL/min (constant flow)
Oven Program:
30 °C to 450 °C @ 10 °C/min for 10 min
FID @ 450 °C
C7 to C44 hydrocarbons and POLYWAX® 655 in CS2

Better Results for High Temperature SimDist Analysis (ASTM D7169)

Why just settle with C90 or C100 when you can extend the performance to higher hydrocarbons and optimize productivity.  The combined ruggedness of the metal hardware and high temperature polymer used in each Zebron ZB-1XT SimDist column allows for extended analysis up to C120. With an extended analysis range, higher boiling point compounds will elute off the column instead of deteriorating column and system lifetime by remaining as residues.

Glass Infusion™ Technology provides improved efficiency, allowing sharper peaks and improved signal-to-noise for late eluting and low level components.

Zebron ZB-1XT SimDist
5 meter x 0.53 mm x 0.09 µm
Part No.:
On-Column @ 53 °C, 1 µL
Carrier Gas:
Helium @ 34 mL/min (constant flow)
Oven Program:
35 °C to 430 °C @ 9 °C/min for 10 min
FID @ 450 °C
D2887 calibration mix with POLYWAX® 1000 in CS2

Upgrade to Zebron from any 100 % dimethylpolysiloxane phase: