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Product Information
Phase Detail
Zebron ZB-5HT Inferno GC Columns<br class="t-last-br" />
Zebron ZB-5HT-Inferno GC column is a non-metal GC column stable to 430 °C and provides good peak shape for acidic and basic samples

Zebron ZB-5HT Inferno GC Columns

Robust Results Up to 430 °C

  • First non-metal columns stable to 430 °C
  • Robust column for high temperature bake outs and analysis, such as biodiesel, long-chain hydrocarbons, polymers, and high molecular weight compounds
  • Provides true boiling point separation for hydrocarbon distillation methods
  • Longer lifetime with rugged high temperature, polyimide coated, fused silica tubing
  • Low activity, provides good peak shape for acidic and basic samples

Recommended Applications
Diesel Fuels, High Boiling Petroleum Products, High Molecular Weight Waxes, Long-chained Hydrocarbons, Motor Oils, Polymers/Plastics, Simulated Distillation, Surfactants, Triglycerides


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R&D 100 Award-Winning
Technology for High Temp Testing With advanced polymer bonding technology and specialized high temperature polyimide coating, Zebron Inferno columns offer enhanced performance where other columns fail. See how Inferno columns allow analysts to push a standard analysis up to 430 °C. Download the brochure here.

Recommended Use
True boiling point separation for hydrocarbon distillation methods, high boilers, contaminants, or carryovers, and high temperature stable (430 °C)

Agilent® Restek® SGE®

Zebron Inferno Columns Win In The Lifetime Test

How does the lifetime test work?

All columns were held at 400 °C for 2 hours and then the oven was lowered to 120 °C for pentadecane analysis. The VF-5ht column broke just after 40 hours at 400 °C. The ZB-5HT had the same retention for pentadecane at 100 hours as the DB-5ht column at 40 hours — over 2X the lifetime!

Zebron ZB-5HT Inferno

Note that the VF-5ht column died around 40 hours at 400 °C whereas the Zebron ZB-5HT Inferno column maintained great retention of Pentadecane over 100 hours. Comparative separations may not be representative of all applications.
GC Conditions for all columns:

30 meter x 0.25 mm x 0.10 μm
1.0 μL of test mix AG0-7578
Carrier Gas:
Helium @ 1.9 mL/min (constant flow)
Oven Program:
120 °C (Isothermal)
FID @ 400 °C

Paraffin Wax

GC Conditions:

Zebron ZB-5HT Inferno
15 meter x 0.32 mm x 0.10 μm
Part No.:
On Column @ 43 °C, 0.1 µL
Carrier Gas:
Helium @ 1.9 mL/min (constant flow)
Oven Program:
40 °C for 2 min to 430 °C @ 20 °C for 10 min
FID @ 430 °C
Paraffin Wax

Upgrade to Zebron from any 5 % phenyl /
95 % dimethylpolysiloxane phase: