Prep Calculator Tool

Preparative HPLC Scale Up Calculator
Column Analytical ColumnPrep Column
Particle size (µm)55
Length (mm)150
Diameter (mm)
Column Volume (empty) (mL)2.511.8
Equilibration time (min)12.512.6
Weight of packing mat (g)*1.57.1
Scaling Factor4.7
Flow rate (mL/min)9.4
Sample Amt (mg)23.5
Injection volume (µL)47
  • Back pressure stays constant if column length stays constant.
  • Back pressure will increase with decrease in particle size.
  • Efficiency will increase with decrease in particle size.
  • With scale up change in hardware and flow cell may be required.
  1. * 0.6 g/mL was used.
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  3. * Please note all calculations are approximations only. Several factors influence loading capacity of columns. For example:α , solubility, RT, surface area of material, sample type, instrument, etc.