Carboxy-THC from urine using Strata-X-Drug B and Zebron Drug-1 10x0.18x0.18

Sample Preparation Details

Part Number :8B-S128-UCH
Description :Strata-X-Drug B 33 µm Polymeric Strong Cation, 60 mg / 6 mL, Tubes, 30/Pk
Load :Load 2.50 mL Sample diluted in Buffered urine
Wash 1 : 2mL of 100mM sodium acetate (pH 5.0)
Wash 2 : 2mL of 30/70 ACN/100mM sodium acetate (pH 5.0)
Dry :15 min under full vacuum
Elution 1 : 2mL of 85:15 Ethyl acetate :Isopropanol
Evaporate: :Evaporate to dryness
Reconstitute :75 µL 25µL ethyl acetate/50µL BSTFA with 1%TMCS
Notes :Evaporate eluant to dryness and reconstitute in 25µL ethyl acetate/50µL BSTFA with 1%TMCS. Incubate at 70ºC for 20min

Application Detail (App ID: 19597)

Part No:7CD-G023-08
Phase:Proprietary Drug Phase
Dimensions:10 meters x 0.18 mm x 0.18 µm
Oven Profile:220ºC to 340ºC @ 30ºC/min
Carrier Gas:Constant Flow Helium, 0.7 mL/min
Injection:Split 10:1 1 µL @ 280°C
Detection: Mass Selective (MSD) (340°C)
Note:Analytes are spiked into blank urine @ the SAMSHA cutoff level of 15ng/mL.

After elution from SPE sorbent the sample is blown down and then derivatized with BSTFA by heating @ 70ºc for 20min.

Analyte Details

Analyte Detail not available