FAMEs In Rapeseed Oil by GC/FID on Zebron ZB-88

Application Detail (App ID: 23934)

Part No:7MG-G037-10
Phase:Proprietary Pesticides Phase
Oven Profile:120 °C for 1 min to 175°C @ 10°C/min hold 10 min to 210°C @ 5°C/min hold 5 min
Carrier Gas:Constant Flow Hydrogen, 2 mL/min
Injection:Split 50:1 1 µL @ 250°C
Detection: Flame Ionization (FID) (280°C)
Note:Recommended Accessories:
Recommended Liner: Zebron PLUS Single Taper with Wool, 4 mm ID
Liner Part No.: AG2-0A13-05 (for Agilent systems)
Inlet Seal: AG0-8620 (Gold Plated Easy Seal)
Septum: AG0-4696 (PhenoRed-400)

Sample Preparation:
1. Weigh 100 mg of sample into 20 mL test tube
2. Add 10 mL of hexane
3. Add 100 µL of 2N potassium hydroxide in methanol
4. Vortex for 30 seconds
5. Centrifuge and transfer upper layer into autosampler vial

Analyte Details

Analyte Detail not available

C18:1 trans

C18:2 trans

C18:3 trans