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Optimized Oligo Purification and Analysis

  • RPC, HPLC, prep LC, desalting, and extraction solutions
  • DNA, RNA/RNAi, longmers, dye-labeled, and modified oligonucleotides
  • High efficiency LC-MS protocols for characterization/QC
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Each product in the Clarity BioSolutions portfolio has been designed to efficiently and effectively purify or characterize synthetic oligonucleotides used in biological research, therapeutic development and biochemical manufacturing.

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  Clarity QSP™ Clarity Oligo-RP™
Clarity Oligo-XT
Clarity Oligo-SAX™ Clarity RP-Desalting™
Primary Use High-throughput, trityl-on RPC
RP-HPLC purification of failure
sequences from target sequences
Economical, high loading capacity
IEX-LC prep-scale purification
Quick removal or salt & excess reagent
Purities >90% >90% >90% ~70%
Recoveries ~90% ~70% >90% ~70%
Synthesis Scale Load Up to 50 µmol Up to 50 µmol Up to 50 µmol Up to 1 µmol
Oligo Types DNA, RNA/RNAi, Thioates, Dye-labled, Modified

Characterization / Analysis

  Clarity Oligo-RP™ Clarity Oligo-MS™
Clarity Oligo-XT
Clarity Oligo-OTX™
Primary Use RP-LC-MS analysis with optimized
selectivity and sensitivity
Rapid, high efficiency RP-LC-MS
analysis for QC and characterization
Extraction of oligo therapeutics from
biological samples for LC-MS bioanalysis
Oligo Length ≤ 60 mer ≤ 60 mer ≤ 40 mer
Recommended Mobile Phase TEA / HFIP TEA/HFIP/MeOH N/A

Material Characteristics

Clarity Products Particle
Pore Size
Clarity QSP™ Cartridges Polymer (PSDVB) Hydrophilic polymer coating 35 500 300
Clarity Oligo-RP™
LC Columns
(silica, organic, composite)
C18 3, 5, 10 110 375
Clarity Oligo-WAX™
LC Columns
Silica Crosslinked polyamine (WAX) 10 360
Clarity RP-Desalting™ Tubes Silica C18 55 140 300
Clarity Oligo-MS™
LC Columns
Core-Shell C18 1.7, 2.6, 5 100 200*
Clarity OTX™
Extraction Plates
Polymer (surface
modified PSDVB)
Mixed-mode anion exchanger 33 85 800
Clarity Oligo-SAX
LC Columns
Polymer (surface
modified PSDVB)
Hydrophilic quaternary amine 5
Clarity Oligo-XT
LC Columns
Core-Shell C18 1.7, 2.6, 5 100 200


Particle Sizes (µm)1.7, 2.6, 5
Pore Size (Å)100
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Oligo-XT Phase Information

A Sensitive Solution for Oligo Characterization and Bioanalysis

Unlike traditional fully porous oligo columns, Clarity Oligo-XT relies on the power of core-shell technology to provide extremely high efficiencies for both low and high oligo concentrations. Because the Clarity Oligo-XT particle is not fully porous, analytes spend less time diffusing into and out of the pores as they travel through the column, resulting in less band broadening for higher peak efficiencies, making Clarity Oligo-XT a great choice for analyses that require sensitivity such as oligo characterization and oligo analysis from bioanalytical samples.

PhaseParticle Sizes (µm)Pore Size (Å)Recommended Use
Oligo-MS1.7, 2.6100Rapid LC/MS analysis and QC of synthetic oligonucleotide research reagents and therapeutics
Oligo-RP3, 5, 10110Purification of synthetic oligonucleotide mixtures
Oligo-XT1.7, 2.6, 5100
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Part Number:00D-4745-P0-AX

Description:Clarity® 5 µm Oligo-XT, AXIA Packed, LC Column 100 x 21.2 mm, Ea

Required Holder:

Stationary Phase:

Solid Support:

Format:AXIAL Compression

Separation Mode:

Recommended Use:

USP Designation:

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