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Phenomenex Unveils Expanded Product Portfolio to Reduce or Eliminate Background Contamination in PFAS Analysis

Fifteen QC-Tested and Verified Consumables Comprise the New 'Designed for PFAS' Portfolio to Strengthen Chromatography Analysis of PFAS Across Environmental, Food and Clinical Research Markets

TORRANCE, CA, Phenomenex announced the launch of “Design for PFAS,” an expanded product portfolio featuring 15 additions to its current selection of solid phase extraction (SPE) cartridges and HPLC consumables for PFAS analysis. This addition of products addresses a critical challenge in PFAS analysis—false positives stemming from sporadic contamination and interferences. The complimentary SPE products and consumables are verified for low residuals or absence of PFAS by independent and accredited laboratories to ensure high reproducibility and more accurate results in the analysis of a wide range of PFAS compounds. From sample preparation to analysis, these products adhere to the highest quality standards, enabling laboratories to maintain data accuracy without concerns about background contamination.

The “Designed for PFAS” portfolio includes SPE cartridges in multiple phases and formats to meet laboratory demands for PFAS extraction from aqueous and non-aqueous samples (Strata X-AW, Strata PFAS). Additionally, the portfolio includes essential accessories such as HPLC mobile phase safety caps (SecurityCAP) and vials (Verex) supporting trace level detection limits thus accurate PFAS analysis.

Dr. Jason Anspach, Senior Product Manager at Phenomenex, highlighted the evolving regulatory landscape in PFAS analysis, emphasizing the need for laboratories to adopt specialized methods and stringent quality control measures for accurate results.

"Despite these advancements, the risk of contamination from background PFAS sources persists, especially in cases of low sample concentrations," noted Dr. Anspach. "With our new range of high-quality, QC-tested, and verified products for PFAS analysis, laboratories can confidently uphold data integrity without the concern of background contamination."

To find out more about Phenomenex’s Phenomenex reaffirms its commitment to leading chromatography solutions, empowering researchers and scientists with tools tailored to advance the frontiers of gene therapy and reshape the landscape of healthcare.

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Phenomenex is a global technology leader committed to developing novel analytical chemistry solutions that solve the separation and purification challenges of researchers in academic, pharmaceutical, biotech, environmental, clinical research, government, and industrial laboratories. From drug discovery and pharmaceutical development to food safety and environmental analysis, Phenomenex chromatography solutions accelerate science and help researchers improve human health and well-being. Phenomenex is an operating company within the Life Sciences group of Danaher Corporation’s.

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