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Capcell Pak HPLC Columns
Capcell Pak HPLC columns are manufactured by Shiseido and distributed by Phenomenex

Capcell Pak HPLC Columns

Capcell Pak columns, manufactured by Shiseido Co., Ltd., Japan, distributed worldwide by Phenomenex, are coventional fully porous LC products with a range of useful selectivities.

Don't forget to protect your Capcell Pak LC columns with the easy to use SecurityGuard, Guard Cartridge System.

Capcell Pak
Capcell Pak HPLC Column

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Ion Exchange

done SCX UG 80

Normal Phase

done CN UG 120

done NH2 UG 80

Reversed Phase

done C1 SG 300

done C18

done C18 AQ

done C18 MG 100

done C18 MG-II 100

done C18 SG 120

done C18 UG 120

done Phenyl UG 120