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SecurityGuard Column Protection

Product Information
Security Guard universal guard cartridge system extends HPLC column lifetime and protects against contaminants. Easy to use and universal fit gives SecurityGuard significant advantages over traditional guard columns on the market

A common cause of high backpressure, split peaks, broad peaks, baseline noise, baseline drift, and loss of resolution is contaminants. All mobile phases contain some chemical contaminants or micro particulates, from the sample, solvent, or wear on the polymeric seals of the pump or injector. These contaminants can clog frits, irreversibly bind to columns, degrade performance, and even damage the flow cell. An easy solution, SecurityGuard is a universal column protection system designed to effectively (and inexpensively), protect your valuable columns, from the damaging effects of chemical contaminants, without altering your chromatographic results.

  • Protects chromatographic results
  • Extends UHPLC, HPLC, SFC, and PREP column lifetime
  • Virtually no change in chromatography
  • Simple to use
  • Saves time and money
  • Compatible with virtually all vendors columns

    securityguard-product line

    Removes Harmful Contaminants and Particulates

    It’s a fact! Chemical contaminants and particulates are a natural part of any chromatographic analysis. The easiest way to extend column performance is to remove these contaminants and particulates with the SecurityGuard™ Cartridge System before they reach your column and degrade your chromatography damaging overtightening.


    With SecurityGuard ULTRA


    Without SecurityGuard ULTRA



    *The images are believed to be representative, but individual columns may vary.

    Protect Any Column

    Compatible HPLC Fittings

    Installing the SecurityGuard protection system into your favorite column is easy. The floating outlet from the SecurityGuard holder automatically adjusts to the precise depth of virtually every manufacturer’s column. This ensures a low dead volume, leak free connection, without the use of unions or adapters, no matter which manufacturer’s column you are using.

    Longer Column Lifetimes

    Keep Columns Performing Their Best

    When contaminates and particulates build up at the head of the column or on the guard cartridges, system pressures dramatically increase. Simply replace the SecurityGuard cartridge instead of your column and you are able to regain normal operating conditions and reclaim original column performance.

    Accelerated column lifetime test

    In this accelerated column lifetime test, the UHPLC column lasts substantially longer with SecurityGuard ULTRA guard cartridge system.

    SecurityGuard Standard Performance

    Accelerated lifetime test using endogenous biomolecule matrix on a reversed phase C18 column, 5 μm, 50 x 4.6 mm with SecurityGuard Standard C18 cartridges. Backpressuare values represent additional backpressure contributed by SecurityGuard Standard.

    Maintain Column Performance

    Virtually No Change in Chromatography

    SecurityGuard ULTRA maintains UHPLC column performance without altering chromatographic results. The extremely low dead-volume (<0.3 µL) of this unique guard design minimizes peak dispersion ensuring that ultra high efficiency chromatography is maintained. Unlike competitors’ UHPLC guard systems, SecurityGuard ULTRA has virtually no effect on efficiency, retention time, or backpressure. This leads to longer column lifetime with no loss in column performance.

    Conditions same for all applications:

    Kinetex 1.7 µm XB-C18
    50 x 2.1 mm
    Mobile Phase:
    Acetonitrile / Water (50:50)
    Flow Rate:
    1 mL/min
    22 °C
    Injection Volume:
    1 µL
    UV @ 270 nm
    1. Acetophenone
    2. Benzene
    3. Toluene
    4. Naphthalene

    No Guard SecurityGuard ULTRA Competitor
    Efficiency (p/m) 11,795 11,390 8,591
    Symmetry 0.92 0.86
    Selectivity 1.47 1.46 1.46
    Backpressure (bar) 354 384 384
    Values based on naphthalene peak.

    Protection without altering your results!

    Conditions same for all applications:

    Luna® 3 μm C18(2)
    150 x 4.6 mm
    Part No.:
    Mobile Phase:
    Acetonitrile / Water (65:35)
    Flow Rate:
    0.75 mL/min
    25 °C
    Injection Volume:
    0.5 µL
    UV @ 254 nm
    1. Uracil
    2. Acetophenone
    3. Toluene
    4. Naphthalene

    PREP HPLC Column Protection

    Protect Your Purification Results

    The SecurityGuard PREP system was designed to effectively and inexpensively protect your valuable prep columns from the damaging effects of mobile phase and sample chemical contaminants and particulates, without altering your chromatographic results.

    • Extends preparative column lifetime by as much as 5 times
    • Protects column from samples that precipitate out of solution
    • Protects column from contaminants
    • Stable and leak free up to 60 mL/min within specified pressure ratings

    Lower Cost Per Injection

    SecurityGuard isn’t only about column protection, it’s about lowering your cost per injection! When you increase the number of injections from a single preparative column you’re lowering your overall cost per injection. With SecurityGuard PREP, the inexpensive cartridge was ruined while the integrity of the prep column was maintained and its performance restored.

    Forced Degradation Study

    Luna® 10 µm C18(2) Axia Packed
    50 x 21.2 mm
    Mobile Phase:
    A: 0.1 % TFA in Water
    B: 0.1 % TFA in Water / Acetonitrile (25:75)
    Injection Volume:
    420 µL
    Linear 93:7 (A/B) to 100 % B over 5 minutes
    Flow Rate:
    60 mL/min
    UV @ 270 nm
    1. Nadolol
    2. Metoprolol
    3. Propranolol