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Chiral CD-Ph HPLC Columns
Phenyl carbamated β-cyclodextrin Chiral LC columns are manufactured by Shiseido and distributed by Phenomenex

Chiral CD-Ph HPLC Columns

Phenylcarbamate-ß-cyclodextrin Chiral Columns

Versatile chiral stationary phase modified with phenylcarbamate-ß-cyclodextrin that is suitable for separation of basic, neutral, and amphoteric optical isomers.

For a broader enantioselectivity and wider range of separation modes, try out Lux coated and immobilized polysaccharide chiral columns.

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Chiral LC Column

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Part No.: CH0-5862

Shiseido Chiral 5 µm CD-Ph, LC Column 250 x 4.6 mm, Ea

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