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Product Information
Phase Detail
Rezex RHM-Monosaccharide H<sup>+</sup> (8%) Ion Exclusion HPLC Columns<br class="t-last-br" />
Rezex RHM-Monosaccharide H+ (8%) Ion exclusion columns are packed with an 8% cross-linked hydrogen ion exclusion media

Rezex RHM-Monosaccharide H+ (8%) Ion Exclusion HPLC Columns

  • 8% cross-linked hydrogen
  • For use with monosaccharides in combination with organic acids, fatty acids, alcohols, ketones, neutral compounds, or inorganic salts
  • Versatile column, generally run with a mobile phase of deionized water
  • USP L17

Particle Size
Recommended Use
Monosaccharides in combination with organic acids, fatty acids, alcohols, ketones, neutral compounds, or inorganic salts

Cross Reference Guide

Phase Description Applications Bio-Rad® Aminex® Supelco® Supelcogel™ Waters® SugarPak™ Transgenomic® CARBOSep™ Sepax® Carbomi®
RHM-Monosaccharide (L17 USP packing)* 8 % cross-linked HYDROGEN – Monosaccharides in combination with organic acids, fatty acids, alcohols, ketones, neutral compounds, or inorganic salts HPX-87H
C-610H & H

Retention Times for Some Carbohydrates and Sugar Alcohols

Counter Ion Analyte RHM H+
Adonitol (Ribitol) 11.11
D-Altrose 10.21
D-(-)-Arabinose 11.24
D-(+)-Cellobiose 8.02
D-(+)-Digitoxose 12.59
Dulcitol 10.71
Meso-Erythritol 12.14
D-(-)-Fructose 10.31
L-(-)-Fucose 11.65
D-(+)-Galactose 10.19
Gentiobiose 7.87
D-(+)-Glucose 9.62
Inositol 9.98
Isomaltose 8.02
Lactose 8.32
Lactulose 8.57
D-Lyxose 10.68


300 x 7.8 mm
Mobile Phase:
Water (degassed)
Flow Rate:
0.6 mL/min
80 °C
RI @ 40 °C
Counter Ion Analyte RHM H+
D-Maltose 8.18
Maltotriose 7.51
Maltulose 8.27
D-Mannitol 10.59
D-(+)-Mannose 10.16
Melibiose 8.14
D-(+)-Melezitose 7.54*
D-(+)-Raffinose 7.88*
L-(+)-Rhamnose 10.90
D-(-)-Ribose 11.42
Salicin 14.98
D-Sorbitol 10.83
Stachyose 7.27
Sucrose 9.24*
Trehalose 8.32
Xylitol 11.78
D-(+)-Xylose 10.24

* Partial hydrolysis results.

Select Applications on Rezex RHM Monosaccharide Columns


Rezex RCM-Monosaccharide Aminex HPX-87C
300 x 7.8 mm
Part No.:
Mobile Phase:
Flow Rate:
0.6 mL/min
60 °C
1. Methanol
2. Ethanol
3. Isopropanol
4. n-Propanol
5. sec-Butanol
6. n-Butanol

Applications (partial list)

Call us for assistance in selecting the right column for your needs!

Compound App ID No.
Acetic Acid 14862
Citric Acid 14970
Formic Acid 14962
Lactic Acid 14970, 14971

Compound App ID No.
Oxalic Acid 14962
Ribitol 14991
Succinic Acid 14962
Tartaric Acid 14970

Specifications and Operating Recommendations

Rezex RHM Monosaccharide
Part No. 00H-0132-K0
Ionic Form Hydrogen
Standard Dimensions 300 x 7.8 mm
Matrix Sulfonated Styrene Divinyl Benzene
Cross Linking 8 %
Particle Size (μm) 8
Min. Efficiency (p/m) based on last peak 35,000
Typical Pressure (psi @ Testing Flow Rate) 275
Max. Pressure (psi @ Max Flow Rate) 1,000
Max. Flow Rate (mL/min) 1.0
Max. Temperature (°C) 85
Typical Mobile Phase Water
pH Range 1-8
Guard Column Part 03B-0132-K0

Cleaning, Regeneration and Storage
Organic Modifiers (Max) 5 % Methanol, IPA, EtOH
Inorganic Modifiers 5 % HNO3, H3PO4
Avoid Acids, Bases, Salts or Metal Ions, > 30 % Acetonitrile
Cleaning Solvent 100 % Water
Flow Rate(mL/min) 0.4
Temperature (°C) 85
Duration (hrs) 12
Regeneration Solvent 0.025 M H2SO4
Flow Rate (mL/min) 0.2
Duration (hrs) 4-16
Ship/Storage Solvent Water