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Product Information
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Strata PFAS SPE Products
Strata PFAS Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) sorbent is recommended for the DOD QSM 5.1/5.3 guidelines

Strata PFAS SPE Products

Specialty Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Sorbent

A new stacked cartridge able to offer 2x gains in productivity and reduce the need for multiple tubes, transfer steps, and wasted time. This product is recommended to be used per the DOD QSM 5.1/5.3 guidelines to offer multiple clean-up mechanisms to provide high recoveries of low level PFAS (Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances) in solid samples, soils, biota, sediments, or non-drinking water samples.

WAX/GCB Stacked SPE Tube for Efficient PFAS Extraction

Part No.:
200 mg WAX/50 mg GCB/6 mL
Condition 1:
4 mL 0.3% Ammonium hydroxide
Condition 2:
4 mL Methanol
4 mL Water
Add sample at 4 mL/min*
2x 4 mL Water
4 mL 0.3% Ammonium hydroxide in Methanol
to dryness and reconstitute to 1.0 mL with
Methanol/Water (96:4)

*Note: If necessary for sample addition, use an adapter cap (Part no.: AH0-7191) and large volume sample reservoir (AH0-7005)