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Synergi HPLC Columns

Product Information
Full Range of Selectivity for Reversed Phase Separation
Discover Phenomenex Synergi HPLC Columns for full selectivity range for successful separations in reversed-phase conditions. Enhance your method development now!

Full Range of Selectivity for Reversed Phase Separation

Many different mechanisms of retention are utilized within reversed-phase chromatography in order to retain and separate target analytes. Whether your compounds are hydrophobic or polar, Synergi columns provide you with a full range of selectivity, ensuring the separation of the most challenging and complex mixtures.

Synergi LC Columns
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Full Range Selectivity

Synergi HPLC Columns four unique phases developed to provide a different selectivity for successful separations of the most complex mixtures and challenging analytes under reversed phase conditions.
Synergi Fusion-RP
C18 Polar Embedded

Balanced non-polar and polar performances

Synergi Hydro-RP
C18 Polar Embedded

Strong non-polar and polar retention

Synergi Max-RP
C12 TMS Endcapped

Excellent for basic compounds at neutral pH

Synergi Polar-RP
Phenyl Ether-Linked

For polar and aromatic mixtures