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Verex Certified Vial Products

Product Information
Chromatography Vials, Inserts, and Caps for UHPLC / HPLC / GC / SFC and MS Analysis
Verex HPLC, GC, and autosampler vials and caps are manufactured to provide high-quality analysis results. Order Verex vials at Phenomenex now.

Chromatography Vials, Inserts, and Caps for UHPLC / HPLC / GC / SFC and MS Analysis

Verex HPLC, GC, and autosampler vials offer the lowest ion content possible to reduce sample loss and contamination. From start to finish, Verex HPLC, GC, and autosampler vial and cap products are manufactured to provide high quality, state-of-the-art solutions for your most challenging, sensitive applications. None of the GC/MS or HPLC vials areis placed in the inventory without passing cleanliness and performance testing for consistency resulting in a certified, 100 % defect-free vial that you can trust.

Try Verex Vials in one of the following configurations:

  • Specialty Vials
  • Crimp-Top Vials
  • Screw-Top Vials
  • Snap-Top Vials
  • VOA/ASE Assembled Vial Kits
  • VOA/ASE Assembled Storage Kits

    Verex High Quality Vials


    Verex vials are made of inert, high-purity, chemically stable borosilicate glass to exacting specifications, individually heat-treated to burn off any impurities, then packaged in a cleanroom environment. Choose from crimp, snap, and screw types or mix and match vials and caps to your application.

    Compatible with Virtually Any Autosampler

    Type Description

    8 mm (or 8-425)

    Compatible with Varian, Shimadzu

    9 mm (or 9-425)

    Compatible with most autosamplers, including Agilent, Thermo Scientific, Waters

    10 mm (or 10-425)

    Compatible with Waters Alliance 2690

    11 mm

    Use with either snap or crimp top seals

    13 mm (or 13-425)

    Compatible with Waters 48 position WISP, Shimadzu

    Three Level Certification

      Level 1 Certified Level 2
    Certified + PLUS
    Level 3
    Certified MSQ (Cert + MSQ) (Mass Spec Quality)
    Ultra Clean
    Specially designed and treated for mass spectrometry (MS) applications.
    Low Bleed
    Special cap / closure processing, treating, and testing for low bleed of residual organics. For high sensitivity GC-MS and LC-MS applications.
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    Dimensionally Verified
    Machine vision cameras and gauges inspect critical dimensions and tolerances to produce uniform, defect-free products.
    dot dot dot
    Lot Traceable
    vial and cap packs are 100 % traceable through the manufacturing process. Certificate of Conformance available by lot number upon request.
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    Clean Room Packaged
    ensures particulate- and contaminate-free products for clean chromatography.
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    Part Number Extension No Extension Certificate of Conformance Included; Extension-C Certificate of
    Conformance Included; Extension-M
    Part Number Example AR0-8952-13 AR0-8952-13-C AR0-8952-13-M