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Zebron Gas Management

Product Information
Higher Capacity Filters and Traps that Extend Your GC Column’s Lifetime.
Zebron gas management GC traps and GC gas filters ensure high gas purity

Higher Capacity Filters and Traps that Extend Your GC Column’s Lifetime.

The high adsorption capacity of the Zebron Gas Management filters removes contaminants from mobile phase gases which reduces potential column bleed, increases the lifetime of your column, and protects sensitive GC detectors from damage. With the new dual wall Zebron Gas Management filters, you will get more protection, better safety, and less contamination, GUARANTEED.

Zebron Gas Management

Plug-In GC and LC-MS Gas Filters

A. No Diffusion and No Leaks with Dual Wall Housing!
More protection and less contamination with an inner glass wall and better safety with a plastic outer wall.

B. Higher Capacity
The higher capacity of Zebron gas management filters means less need for replacement and an increase in system uptime, saving you time and money.

C. Easy Filter Installation in Under 20 Seconds!
Avoid system downtime by attaching a new filter to your gas line in seconds!

D. Never Disrupt Your Instrument!
The integrated one way valve on the Zebron gas management base units allow for quick and easy filter changes without disrupting the instrument.

Easily Know When to Replace Your Filter!

E. Color Change Indicator
The indicator on each Zebron gas management filter will display when it is time to change your filter.*

F. Electronic Indicator
The optional electronic indicator will alert you with an audible warning on when to change your filter based on typical usage.

G. Universal Compatibility
No need to change your existing connecting unit. Simply remove the old filter, replace the O-ring, click a new filter in, and tighten the connection with the ring nut! (Part No.: AG6-1060).

*Hydrocarbon filters do not include a color indicator


Click-On Connection

The Click-on trap connectors allow inline cartridges to be exchanged without introducing contaminants. Spring loaded check valves seal when a filter is removed and open only when a new filter has been locked in place.

Click-On GC Gas Traps

A. Click-on Trap
Never Disrupt Your Instrument! Attach a new filter in under 10 seconds. Once the connecting unit is installed, you will be able to change traps as often as needed without interrupting the instrument.

B. Easily Know When to Replace Your Filter!
The optional electronic indicator displays when scheduled replacement or maintenance is due.

C. High Pressure Durability
The Click-on trap is completely made out of stainless steel and can withstand high pressures. The seals at each end of the trap will only be punctured when the Click-on connector is locked in place.

D. Secure Wall Mount
These wall mounting clamps will EASILY help attach a Zebron gas trap to a wall or surface.

Save Time and Money 

Easily know when to replace the Gas Filter and Trap by using the Zebron Electronic Indicator

Clip a Zebron Electronic Indicator onto your filter or trap and go!
GC FIlter
GC Trap
GC management filters and traps used in food testing systems
LC-MS Filter

Then you can visually check the indicator to know when it’s time to replace your filter or trap.

No Color: Ready to Use
Orange: 20% of Capacity
Red: Reaching Capacity
Red + Buzz: Time to Change

Default Device Settings

  • 12 Months Gas Filter
  • 18 Months Gas Trap
  • 6 Months LC-MS Filter

Manual Device Settings

For manual configuration, download and install the latest version of the configuration software utility and connect the device to your computer with a Micro USB cable.

Step-by-Step Instructions on How to Install Zebron Gas Management Filters and Traps