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Product Information
Phase Detail
Zebron ZB-5ms GC Columns
Zebron ZB-5MS GC columns offer enhanced resolution for PAHs

Zebron ZB-5ms GC Columns

Low Bleed Performance for GC-MS

  • Most popular starting column for method developers
  • Arylene Matrix Technology™ (AMT) provides a highly stable arylene phase for enhanced resolution of PAHs and multi-ring aromatic compounds
  • Low bleed (MS certified) especially suited to high sensitivity work using GC-MS
Running semi-volatiles, PAHs, or PBDEs? See ZB-SEMIVOLATILES
Want even lower bleed for GC-MS? See Zebron-ZB-5PLUS

Recommended Use
Acids, Alkaloids, Amines, Dioxins, Drugs, EPA Methods (525, 610, 625, 8100), Essential Oils, Flavors, FAMEs, Halo-hydrocarbons, PCBs/Aroclors, Pesticides/Herbicides, Phenols, Residual Solvents, Semi-volatiles, Solvent Impurities


Upgrade to Zebron from any 5 % phenyl-arylene /
95 % dimethylpolysiloxane phase:

Agilent® Restek® SGE®
CP-Sil 8 CB MS
Rtx®-5Sil MS
Rxi®-5Sil MS

General Selection Guidelines

The following selection guidelines are for choosing a Zebron™ 5 phase column. Please contact your Phenomenex representative for additional assistance.

5 % Phenyl-Arylene Phases

  • Improve separations for aromatic analytes
  • Available in standard, inert, and application-based styles
  • Replace 5% phenyl-arylene 95% dimethylpolysiloxane phases from Agilent®, Restek®, Supelco®, and other manufacturers

Consistent response after more than 700 samples at pH 2!

Reproducible Results

Zebron ZB-5ms
30 meter x 0.25 mm x 0.25 µm
Part No.:
Split 1:100 @ 250 °C, 1.4 µL
Carrier Gas:
Hydrogen @ 140 °C, 40 cm/sec
Oven Program:
140 °C (Isothermal)
FID @ 325 °C
1. Decane
2. 2-Ethylhexanoic Acid
3. 1,6-Hexanediol
4. 4-Chlorophenol
5. Tridecane
6. 1-Methylnaphthalene
7. 1-Undecanol
8. Tetradecane
9. Dicyclohexylamine
10. Pentadecane