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Product Information
Beta-Glucuronidase Removal
Streamline removal of Beta Glucuronidase Removal from biological sample matrices such as urine

Beta-Glucuronidase Removal

β-Glucuronidase removal is the process of removing the large β-Glucuronidase protein from a sample after hydrolysis to result in a better analysis. Often labs perform dilute-and-shoot but the β-Glucuronidase can cause interferences with analyte recovery, such as reduced sensitivity and high signal-to-noise.  

β-Gone offers:

  • Rapid Sample Clean-Up (Under 1 Minute)
  • In-Well Hydrolysis Capabilities
  • High Recovery for a Full Panel of Drug Analytes

Featured Product for β-Glucuronidas Analysis

Beta-Gone β-Glucuronidase Removal Products Tube and 96-Well Plate

Betaglucoronidase removal from sample