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Product Information
GC Columns for Improved Performance
GC columns that offer optimized performance over traditional GC columns

GC Columns for Improved Performance

For applications that require increased GC column

  • Stability
  • Performance
  • Inertness
  • Reproducibility
  • Low Bleed

GC Column Reproducibility Study

Brand Description:
Zebron ZB-1plus Recommended for flavors & fragrances, PCBs (EPA Method 1668), and pesticides
Zebron ZB-5MSplus Recommended for phenols, residual solvents, and solvent impurities
Zebron ZB-5plus Recommended for nitrosamines, pesticides, and phenols
Zebron ZB-624plus Recommended for cannabis, terpenes, residual solvents, volatile amines, EPA method 8260, EPA method 524, and EPA method 624
Zebron ZB-WAXplus Recommended for solvents / residual solvents, styrene, and xylene isomers