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RP-HPLC for Protein/Peptide Analysis and Purification

Jupiter® HPLC columns offer optimized reversed phase solutions for protein and peptide characterization and purification.


Jupiter 300 - 300 Å columns are designed to analyze and purify intact proteins


Juptier Proteo - 90 Å columns are engineered for increased peak capacity and resolution of peptide maps as well as peptide separations


Particle Sizes (µm)3, 5, 10, 15
Pore Size (Å)300
Surface Area (sq. m/g)170
Carbon Load (%)13.34
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C18 Phase Information

Jupiter 300 C18 columns are excellent for polar as well as non-polar intact proteins, and is the most retentive of all the Jupiter phases.  This increased retention allows one to separate proteins with only slight differences in hydrophobicity.

  • For separation of intact proteins >10,000 MW
  • Great for hydrophilic proteins
  • Direct scale-up to preparative and bulk materials
  • 300 Å also available in C4 and C5 bonded phases
PhaseParticle Sizes (µm)Pore Size (Å)Surface Area (sq. m/g)Carbon Load (%)Recommended Use
C183, 5, 10, 1530017013.34Separation of hydrophilic proteins > 10,000 Da
C45, 10, 153001705Separation of highly hydrophobic proteins > 10,000 Da
C55, 103001705.5Separation of highly hydrophobic proteins > 10,000 Da; Slightly different selectivity than C4
Proteo4, 109047515Purification of synthetic peptide mixtures; Characterization of proteins by peptide mapping
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