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Phenomenex Introduces New Biozen dSEC LC Columns

Torrance, Calif. (August 23, 2021) – Phenomenex Inc., a global leader in the research and manufacture of advanced technologies for the separation sciences, announces the launch of NEW Biozen™ SEC Size Exclusion Chromatography Columns to the existing Biozen portfolio of biological workflow products for the analysis of monoclonal antibodies, biosimilars and other biomolecules.

Size exclusion chromatography, or SEC, is a technique for separating proteins and other complex biomolecules in their native forms by size using aqueous eluents. For molecules of specific molecular weight, SEC can use used to detect and quantitate aggregates, fragments, monomers and dimer.

The selection of SEC column media, particle morphology and pore size have a significant impact on chromatographic performance. The new Biozen SEC columns are packed with low pore volume silica coupled with a proprietary hydrophilic diol-type bonded surface chemistry that prevents the silica surface from interacting with protein samples. The proprietary SEC particle technology and surface chemistry for characterizing biomolecules result in consistent reproducible results column-to-column as well as a >50% increase in column lifetime when compared to standard SEC column performance and stability.

“Although size exclusion chromatography is a well-established analytical technique for biotherapeutic characterization, it has been plagued by out-of-the-box failures, batch-to-batch, and column-to-column variation”, says Brian Rivera, Global Product Manager of Biologics at Phenomenex. “The systemic use of high pore-volume silicas leads to poorly packed columns which are not reliable in a fast-paced environment – whether in early development or routine testing. We believe the Biozen SEC columns directly address this problem with a meticulously fabricated a particle that can withstand the rigors of modern aggregate analysis.”

In addition to Biozen SEC, the Biozen product portfolio features ten UHPLC and HPLC chemistries for the characterization of biotherapeutics such as monoclonal antibodies, antibody-drug conjugates and biosimilars. Biozen also includes two sample preparation solutions for released N-glycans and immunocapture. Reversed-Phase Biozen LC columns are available in biocompatible titanium hardware, which minimizes secondary reactions, carryover, and other recovery issues to provide better overall reproducibility than traditional stainless-steel hardware. It also minimizes the amount of time typically spent on column priming and does not interfere with protein, peptide, or oligonucleotide integrity. With a comprehensive biological chromatography portfolio, Phenomenex offers complete, reproducible and reliable solutions for bioseparation laboratories, including a quality guarantee and a global team of bioseparation experts ready to assist our customers.

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