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Zebron PLUS GC Inlet Liners

Product Information
Explore Phenomenex Zebron GC Liners: Inert and easy-to-install solutions for enhanced sample protection - ideal for trace and routine applications.

Zebron PLUS Liners
Optimized for trace and active compound analysis, Zebron PLUS GC liners undergo a unique chemical deactivation treatment resulting in a remarkably inert GC inlet liner.

Zebron Essential Liners
Zebron Essential liners undergo a vapor deposited deactivation process resulting in a thin film liner that is ideal for routine analysis.

Zebron GC Inlet Liners

Protect and Increase the Lifetime of Your GC Column

Why Use Pre-Packed Liners?

Though the upfront cost of self-packing your liner may seem attractive, the time and headaches caused by resulting tailing or irreproducible peaks can be sizeable! Self-packed wool fibers commonly break during installation and any existing deactivation on the liner can also be scratched or damaged. Pre-packed Zebron PLUS liners undergo the deactivation process with the quartz wool already in place, which ensures that any active sites that form during packing are not exposed.

Deactivation Protects Your Samples

See the difference: Zebron PLUS vs. Traditional Deactivation

Zebron PLUS GC inlet liners undergo a unique deactivation process, resulting in a remarkably inert pathway that prevents sample adsorption and degradation for active compounds.

A: Zebron PLUS Deactivation
Every batch of Zebron PLUS liners is manufactured with a thick layer of vapor-deposited deactivation for the highest inertness. They are then tested for activity using both EPA Methods 8081 and 8270 to ensure the highest level of sample protection possible.

B: Traditional Deactivation
Traditionally, liners have only been passivated with thin deactivation layers – and sometimes have not at all – putting your analytes at risk of adsorption or degradation!

Easy, Touch free Installation

  • Remarkably inert GC inlet liners for superior sample protection
  • Easy to install, touchless packaging allows you to protect yourself from cuts or breakage
  • Eliminates contamination that may occur during the installation process

A: Pre-installed o-ring saves steps

B: Touchless installation prevents contamination

Liner Geometry Improves Performance

The geometry of a liner refers to the type and shape of a liner. Each geometry addresses a particular sample or injection type. use the chart below to determine the best geometry for your sample.

  Injection Type Primary Challenge
  Split Splitless Direct Trace
Wide Boiling
Point Range
Straight Z-Liner™            
Single Taper            
Single Taper with Wool        
Single Taper Z-Liner          
Direct Connect            
Single Baffle            

Choose Your Liner

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