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Product Information
BioSep GFC/SEC HPLC Columns
BioSep gel filtration (GFC/SEC) columns provide efficient separation for biomolecules such as proteins, peptides, immunoglobulins

BioSep GFC/SEC HPLC Columns

Aqueous Size Exclusion (SEC) / Gel Filtration (GFC) for Protein and Peptides

Proteins & Peptides Simplified

BioSep Gel Filtration (GFC/SEC) columns are used to analyze and/or characterize proteins, peptides, and other biomolecules, including antibodies, immunoglobulins, protein complexes, protein aggregates, and desalting. BioSep columns offer many important benefits to keep your research, method development/validation, and ongoing size exclusion separations simple. For new UHPLC/HPLC GFC method development, turn to Biozen SEC columns.

  • High Efficiencies for Greater Resolution
  • Expanded Resolution Windows
  • Excellent Reproducibility
  • Highly Inert for Better Recovery and Quantitation

BioSep-SEC-S HPLC Columns
BioSep SEC Columns


Gel Filtration Chromatography (GFC)
Hydrophilic bonded silica with a pore size of 290Å
Recommended Use
Ideal for immunoglobulin aggregate applications, medium to large proteins, and serum proteins.
Official Method
Particle Size
Hydrophilic bonded silica with a pore size of 500Å
Recommended Use
Ideal for large proteins and PEGylated IgG.
Official Method
Particle Size
Ideal for biogeneric aggregate applications, peptide therapeutics, small proteins, PEGylated peptides, and PEGylated small proteins.
Recommended Use
Hydrophilic bonded silica with a pore size of 145Å
Official Method
L33, L35
Particle Size


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Compare BioSep-SEC-S3000(2) & Shodex Protein KW803, Hu Serum
Albumin and IgG (2:3) ±Arginine on BioSep3000 (2)
MW Calibration Proteins on BioSep-SEC-S4000
Low MW proteins and peptides on BioSep2000(2) non-denaturing condition
Hu Serum and HSA on BioSep3000 (2)
Follitropin Reference Standard on 5 µm Hydrophilic Silica