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Biozen Nano LC Columns
Biozen nano LC columns offer efficient separation

Biozen Nano LC Columns

Zero Dead-Volume Nano LC Connections in a CLICK

Biozen Nano’s fully integrated SecurityLINK™ fingertight fitting system simplifies your system connections while providing consistent performance through Torque Limiting Technology that prevents overtightening or undertightening making every connection leak-free.

  • Integrated SecurityLINK™ fittings for easy installation and leak-free connections
  • Maximized resolution for improved protein/peptide identification
  • Increased robustness and sensitivity

Better Sensitivity and Selectivity with Biozen Nano LC Columns

What is Torque Limiting Technology?

Once the perfect connection has been made through fingertightening, the SecurityLINK fitting offers a haptic “CLICK” to confirm that optimum torque has been reached. This ensures a consistent connection each and every time and prevents over or undertightening that may cause column performance issues.

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Fingers Only Installation Leak-Free Connections in 2 Easy Steps

System Compatibility

bioZen Nano Columns with integrated SecurityLINK Fittings were designed to be compatible with the majority of systems that are available on the market today. Compatible with any System with 1/16 in. Ports.