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Product Information
Strata Solid Phase Extraction
Strata solid phase extraction (SPE) products provide reproducible recoveries and cleanup. Strata SPE sorbents are available in the following formats SPE Tubes, 96-well plates, online SPE, and Giga tubes
SPE Background

Strata Solid Phase Extraction

Strata SPE products are manufactured to bring you optimal quality, reproducibility, and performance. With over 20 years of experience, Strata SPE products provide clean extracts and high recoveries for a multitude of target analytes across diverse sample matrices.

  • Available retention mechanisms include reversed phase, ion exchange, normal phase and mixed mode
  • 24 phases and counting
  • Cleaner extracts and reproducible results

Strata Solid Phase Extraction
Strata Solid Phase Extraction

Available Formats

96-Well Plates

Strata Well-Plate

1, 3, and 6mL Tubes

1, 3, and 6mL Tubes

Giga Tubes (12-150mL Tubes)

Giga Tubes (12-150 mL Tubes)

Identify the Specific SPE Retention Mechanism

Functional Group
Functional Group
Strata Sorbent
Reversed Phase R


C18-E, C18-U, C8
Ion-Exchange NR4+ strong
RNH3+ weak
RSO3- strong
RCO2- weak
Screen-C, SCX
Screen-A, SAX

Silica-Based Sorbents Loading Capacities

Sample Matrix Sorbent Mass
Blood, serum, plasma 50 mg sorbent per 250 µL
Urine 50 mg sorbent per 500 µL
Filtered tissue homogenates 100 mg sorbent per 100 mg tissue

Environmental Samples Sorbent Mass
Water (particulate-free) drinking 500 mg/100 mL - 500 mL sample
Water (particulate-laden) rivers, runoff, etc. 1 g/100 mL - 500 mL sample
Soil extracts 1 g/100 g of soil extract
 Food/Plant Material  1 g/ 100g sample

Sorbent Wash and Elution Volumes*

The volume of solvent needed for the wash and elution steps is directly related to the mass of sorbent in the SPE tube and more specifically the “bed volume” of the SPE device. Typically 4 – 16 bed volumes are used in SPE methods.
Sorbent Mass 10 mg 50 mg 100 mg 150 mg 200 mg 500 mg 1 g 2 g 5 g 10 g
Practical Minimum Wash and
Elution Volume 4 bed volumes
60 µL 300 µL 600 µL 900 µL 1.2 mL 3 mL 6 mL 12 mL 30 mL 60 mL
Recommended Wash and
Elution Volume 8 bed volumes
120 µL 600 µL 1.2 mL 1.8 mL 2.4 mL 6 mL 12 mL 24 mL 60 mL 120 mL

General Starting Method Reversed Phase

1 mL Methanol
1 mL DI Water
Pretreated sample
1 mL 5% Methanol in DI Water, dry under vacuum for 2-5 min
1 mL Methanol