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Product Information
Chiral HPLC Column
Unlock precision in chiral separations with Phenomenex's Chiral HPLC Columns. Elevate your analytical capabilities & achieve superior enantiomeric resolution.

Chiral HPLC Column

Chiral column chromatography refers to the separation of enantiomers using a chiral HPLC column, an HPLC column that is packed with a chiral stationary phase (CSP). Enantiomers are separated based on the number and type of each interaction that occurs during their exposure to the chiral stationary phase. Some chiral stationary phases (CSPs) can separate a wide range of chiral compounds, while others are useful only for specific types of chiral compounds.

Normal phase solvents are commonly used for chiral HPLC separations, however, reversed phase solvents can also be used with certain types of chiral stationary phases. Approximately 60% of all pharmaceutical drugs are chiral. Common chiral stationary phases used for chiral HPLC columns are polysaccharide, ligand exchange, protein, helical polymers, macrocyclic, and Pirkle-brush concept.

HPLC Chiral

Brand Description:
Lux Polysaccharide-based chiral HPLC column allows for screening under reversed, polar organic, and normal phase
Chirex Traditional brush (Pirkle-concept) chiral LC columns