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Product Information
Gel Filtration Chromatography (GFC)
Discover Phenomenex's gel filtration chromatography (GFC) columns for protein, peptides & aqueous polymers. Enhance separations with efficiency & reliability.

Gel Filtration Chromatography (GFC)

Gel filtration chromatography (GFC) is used to separate large macromolecules such as antibodies, immunoglobulins, protein complexes, protein aggregates, peptides, and other biomolecules. In gel filtration chromatography, the compounds of interest “filter” through the stationary phase based on their size.

Typically aqueous solvents are used in the mobile phase to ensure that the compound of interest maintains biological activity. Gel filtration columns can separate biomolecules that range from 200 to 1,500,000 Daltons in size. Gel filtration chromatography requires a GFC column that has low surface activity, high efficiency, and consistent uniform pore size.

Size Exclusion Chromatography Column
Enhance your analytical capabilities with Phenomenex's advanced HPLC SEC columns, specifically designed for size exclusion chromatography. Our size exclusion columns deliver precise molecular size analysis, ensuring accurate results in analytical size exclusion chromatography. Our range includes specialized GFC columns, providing unparalleled performance in gel filtration chromatography. Explore the efficiency and reliability of Phenomenex's HPLC SEC technology, tailored to meet the demands of your chromatographic separations.

Protein Compound Separated by GFC

Brand Description:
Biozen dSEC-2 and SEC-3 phases provide high efficiency separation for biomolecules
BioSep GFC separation for proteins and peptides
Yarra High speed gel filtration columns (GFC) for biomolecules